Monday, May 5, 2008

Dhoni sports a moustache!!!

Dhoni, captain of The Chennai Super Stars, has decided to keep a moustache. Tamilians generally keep a moustache as part of their tradition. Looks like this has inspired Dhoni to sport a one giving him a completely new and different look. I believe this is his way of either showing respect towards the place that houses the headquarters of his team - Chennai or trying to alleviate the worries of the people of Tamil Nadu, who have paid 6 crore rupees to "buy" him as the captain of their team.

Dhoni has not been a success in this tournament so far. Shane Warne who got 6 times less money than MS Dhoni has excelled with the bat, the ball and has been far better than MS Dhoni in captaincy.

But all kudos to MS Dhoni for trying to take the easy route into the heart of Tamilians. However Mr. Dhoni you need to do something better than this and this time on the field!!!

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