Sunday, May 4, 2008

IPL Rajasthan Royals v/s Chennai Super Kings - Joginder Sharma drops a dolly

IPL match - Rajasthan Royals v/s Chennai Super Kings

2.5 Ntini to Smith.

Ntini bowls a short of length ball but not short enough to pull. Smith goes for a pull but ball came to him too fast. The ball takes the edge lobs up in the air to mid-on where Joginder Sharma gets under the ball to catch it. In the words of great Navjot Singh Sidhu the ball went so high that it could have kissed the air hostess.

The catch was so easy and Smith believed in the catching abilities of the T20 last over expert, Joginder Sharma that he starts the "long way back towards pavilion" but to the shock of Chennai fans, Joginder Sharma "didn't watch the ball into his hand" and drops the dolly and the match.

This reminds me of the famous line said by the great Steven Waugh to Gibbs in the world cup match where Gibbs drops the ball before controlling it and starts celebrating the wicket of Steve Waugh and Steve Waugh was rightly declared Not Out - " Mate you dropped the world cup ". Steve Waugh won the match for Australia and that win latter on decided the outcome of the famous tied semi-final match between South Africa and Australia.

Catches do win matches, But in the IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super King do you think this catch would have made a difference. I doubt !! What about you

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