Friday, May 16, 2008

IPL Controversies

In the last match between Delhi Daredevils and Deccan Chargers, the match was stopped at a very crucial point in the 19th Over when Shewag complained to the umpires that the crowd is throwing stones at him. In the press conference instead of looking happy over the victory, he looked very upset because of this incident. The reason may be that for the second time in a row Shewag failed to fire. He made a golden duck last night and at that point in the 19th over of the second innings it looked like Deccan Chargers might pull off a victory.

In the press conference, Deccan Chargers captain Adam Gilchrist questioned the tactics of V Shewag of substituting Mohammad Asif immediately after he had bowled 2 overs and replacing him with one of the best fielders in the team, Shoaib Malik. He came onto bowl his last 2 overs and umpires didn't stop Shewag from using him. There was already another substitute on the field for Delhi. AB de Villiers for their opener Gautam Gambhir who had injured his knee while batting. De Villers is also among the best fielders in the cricket today. What could have irked Adam Gilchrist was that as many as 4 catches were taken by these subs and all of them of set batsmen.

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