Monday, May 12, 2008

IPL - Vijay Mallya speaks up

Vijay Mallya, the owner of Bangalore Royal Challengers, has finally accepted that his team infact is a test team. The day IPL was launched he had come on air and re-iterated that his team is not a test team and will perform well in the tournament. He had earlier sacked Charu Sharma, the CEO of Bangalore Royal Challengers. To read more about it click here.
He wanted to sack the coach of the team, Venkatesh Prasad, as well but timely intervention by Rahul Dravid saved him.

After the dismal performance by the Royal Challengers, Vijay Mallya has accepted that he had a different list of players whom he wanted in the team but he went according to what Rahul told him. According to Mallya , the ex-CEO Charu Sharma always backed Rahul in the team selection so he took the backseat.

It is upon Rahul Dravid to inspire his team to come up with match winning performances if they don't want to face the anger of Vijay Mallya.

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