Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IPL claims its first casualty

IPL has claimed its first casualty in the form of IIMA alumunus- Charu Sharma. Though Charu Sharma has cited personal reasons for stepping down from the post of the CEO of the Royal Ducks oops Challengers media and people are sure that the poor performance of Vijay Malay's Bangalore Royal Ducks in the first edition of IPL is the main reason behind his decision.

Charu Sharma, along with Rahul Dravid, was responsible for picking up the squad of Royal Challengers. He was seen boasting on television that he will be in the Mumbai stadium with his team on June 1st for the finals. This was just after the Bangalore Royal Challengers secured their second win in the tournament against Deccan Chargers. During the inauguration ceremony at Bangalore, Dr. Vijay Mallya also re-iterated that his team is not a test team and will perform well in the tournament.

According to me these comments in the public and the disastrous tournament The Royal Challengers have had so far may have convinced Charu to take the blame for the team's performance and to step down.

Next in the firing line, I am sure will be Venkatesh Prasad, the coach for the Bangalore Royal "Ducks".

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