Friday, May 9, 2008

IPL- Another match and another loss for the Bangalore Royal Challengers

Another match and another loss for the Bangalore Royal Challengers. I am amazed looking at the way the Bangalore Royal Challengers approached the target of 130 in 16overs. They were slow from the onset. It is difficult to loose 10 wickets in 16 Overs. So instead of preserving their wickets for the final on-slaught they should have gone all out from the beginning. The Bangalore Royal Challengers left the charge till the very end and by that time the required rate had gone up to 14 an over. It is a known fact that the new batsmen coming to the crease will not be able to score at such a high rate. Though Camroon White did his best still the team lost by 5 runs.

The final score card of the Bangalore Royal Challengers read as 124-4 in 16 overs. It would have been better if it would have read 130-9 in 16 overs.

Rahul Dravid again showed that he is a mis-fit in this type of cricket. He wasted 11 balls to score 5 runs. His captaincy also came under poor light. Why did he come 2 down when there were better hitters of the ball after him? They could have done the damage early on so that he could have just played his natural game to win the match for the Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Now after this loss Rahul Dravid is still talking about the josh of the Bangalore Royal Challengers and about their belief that they can make a comeback in this edition of the IPL.

For that to happen Vijay Malay will have to put all his weight on Lalit Modi to make some changes to the rules for the matches involving the Royal Challengers

1. The Bangalore Royal Challengers should get 30 overs to bat and their opponents should get only 15 overs

2. Power play should be there for all the 30 overs when Bangalore royal challengers bat.

3. Their batsmen allowed to bat twice in a match and the last man can also bat

4. Bangalore Royal Challengers can have more than 4 foreign players. This is one favor that Rahul Dravid has been asking for quite long.

5. Their final score should be doubled.

6. The Bangalore Royal Challengers get 4 points if they win and 2 if they loose.

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