Sunday, May 11, 2008

IPL - Decccan Chargers failed to Charge again

In the 32nd match of the IPL between Kolkata Knight Riders and Deccan Chargers, Deccan Chargers again failed to click as a team. There performance while batting, bowling and especially fielding were below par. The bowlers sprayed the ball all around the pitch and the fielders never gave any kind of support to their bowlers and leaked a lot of runs. The last ball of the innings by RP Singh summed up the effort of Deccan Chargers on the field. He took the throw from the fielder and fired the ball at the batting end where no one was there to collect it and it went for 4 over throws. 6 runs came of the last ball and 17 from the last over.

Gilchrist started of well while chasing but took too many risks. He was very nicely setup by Ganguly. Dinda kept bowling short balls to Gilly and he failed to get hold of one of the pull and was caught by Ganguly. Both bowling and fielding from Knight Riders were much better than that of Deccan Chargers and that made the difference. Venugopal did his best to bring his team near the target of 205.

The highlight of the match was definitely the partnership between Ganguly and David Hussey. They put on 102 runs in 8 overs. Ganguly started slowly but after reaching his 50, he dealt only with sixes and hit as many as 5.

Result : Kolkata Knight Riders ( Ganguly 91, Hussey 57) won by 23 runs against Deccan Chargers (Venugopal 71*)
MOM :- Saurav Ganguly

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