Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IPL- Is Saurav Ganguly still afraid of fast bowlers ??

Even after playing cricket at the highest level for over a decade, the captain of IPL Kolkota Knight Riders is afraid of fast bowlers. He made sure that he has almost all the bowlers currently in the game who can bowl over 150KmpH in his team - Shoaib Akhtar, Ishant Sharma and to some extent Umar Gul.

He also very well knew that players from Australian team will be leaving early to prepare for the tour of West Indies so he will not have to face Bret Lee in any of the match and players from South Africa will be joining in late so he will miss Dale Steyn. Quite smart I should say :)

How many of us remember the way Saurav Ganguly danced to the music of Shoaib Akhtar when India played against Pakistan at Mohali in 1999?

Saurav Ganguly made scratchy 57 in more than 90 balls and was hit on his helmet and chest more than once by balls hurled by Shoaib Akhtar.

Shoaib Akhtar spell in that match read

Shoaib Akhtar 10 1 18 2

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